• network_cellCan I unsubscribe from newsletters from Pontsteiger Assistant?

    Yes, you can unsubscribe from the Pontsteiger Assistant newsletter. At the bottom of the e-mail you see 'edit profile'. By clicking here you will come to a website page where you can indicate your preferences.

    Please note: we include as many relevant news as possible in the newsletter, which you will no longer receive.

  • network_cellWhat are the working days and times of Pontsteiger Assistant?

    Pontsteiger Assistant works in Pontsteiger on the following days and times:

    Pontsteiger Assistant
    Day Start End
    Monday 07.00am 08.00pm
    Tuesday 07.00am 08.00pm
    Wednesday 07.00am 08.00pm
    Thursday 07.00am 08.00pm
    Friday 07.00am 08.00pm
    Saturday 09.00am 05.00pm
    Sunday 11.00am 05.00pm


  • network_cellI have a complaint about one of the Pontsteiger Assistants. Where can I report?

    We find that very unfortunate to hear. Would you like to send your complaint to We will treat your complaint as anonymously as possible, if desired.

  • network_cellI experience nuisance from my neighbours. Can Pontsteiger Assistant solve this?

    Very annoying. Pontsteiger Assistant can play a mediating role when it comes to nuisance, but can not issue 'official warnings'. PA will, with your approval, enable MVGM to take on this role.

  • network_cellHow can I download the Pontsteiger Assistant App?

    Download the Pontsteiger Assistant app and share messages with your neighbours on the timeline or contact Pontsteiger Assistant directly. You can also use the services of Pontsteiger Assistant and you will find up-to-date manuals about the building. Download it here for the App Store and here for Google Play.

  • network_cellWhat happens to my personal details?

    We only use your personal information for the following purposes:

    • Sending (digitally) the correct information to the right person;
    • Ensure that the use of the services is as optimal as possible;
    • Ensure that your repair request arrives at the right department and is resolved as it best;
    • To contact you as soon as possible in case of emergency.

    Your data will not be used for commercial purposes and your data will not be provided to third parties without your permission. You automatically authorize the sharing of your data with our partners if you use a service or indicate that you want us to contact you or call you back. At that time we only provide the most necessary data to our suppliers. For example, our partner of dry cleaning services receives your details, so that they can keep their records and contact you if there is a lack of clarity about your order. Of course always in the interest of the quality of the service.

    Are you approached by one of our partners for commercially reasons? Then we kindly ask you to inform us via We will then ensure that your data is removed from our partner's database.

    For more information, please refer to our privacy statement:

  • network_cellCan I ask Pontsteiger Assistant to manage my house key?

    Yes definately. The safe management of your key by Pontsteiger Assistant has many advantages. The management of your key is done entirely on your own initiative and on your own responsibility.

    Ask Pontsteiger Assistant the various options for managing your key.

  • network_cellDoes Pontsteiger Assistant also accept my packages?

    Yes, that service is fully inclusive. Package deliverers must officially first offer the package to you by ringing your doorbell. If you are not at home, they may hand over the package to a neighbour. At that moment Pontsteiger Assistant acts as your neighbour.

    Your packages are kept safe until you pick up the package. We ask you to pick up the package as soon as possible, since our storage space is very limited.

  • network_cellMy sunscreens go down unevenly, is that normal?

    It is correct that the sunscreens go down unevenly. This has to do with the roll diameter, the weight, the running speed and the mutual difference in electric motors. This can not harm the quality of your sunscreens.

  • network_cellIs it possible to control my sunscreens by myself?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to control the sunscreen completely by yourself. The sunscreens are centrally controlled and respond to light and wind strength. This can be beneficial for you if you are not at home and the sun is shining. This way your apartment will maintain a pleasant temperature. In addition, it often blows on Pontsteiger and there is a risk of damage to the sunscreens. That is why it is important that they automatically raise, to avoid unnecessary repair and costs. However, it is possible to 'overrule' the sunscreens. If the sunscreens are going down, but you don't want it, wait for 5 minutes, then you can raise the screen again.

  • network_cellMy house is located on the corner of Pontsteiger and I prefer 1 of my 2 screens up or down, is this possible?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. The screens are controlled from one central point.

  • network_cellMy floor cooling does not work, how come?

    We have received several notifications about the floor cooling and that it does not work. There is floor cooling in the house, this is the same installation as the floor heating system. This cooling system cools a maximum of 2 degrees relative to the outside temperature. If it is 30 degrees outside, it will still be very warm in your apartment. It is no air conditioning.

    Now we have received several notifications from residents that this installation is not working and have started to investigate how this is possible. It appears that the sensor of the heating system is covered with condensation / dirt so the sensor does not work properly. Therefore, the system does not work. This is probably due to the warm weather. We advise you to clean the sensor well with a piece of kitchen paper or a cotton ball with some alcohol, after which you dry thoroughly with a piece of kitchen paper.

    How can you clean this sensor yourself?
    As you can see in the picture, the sensor is located in the distributor of the installation (this distributor can be found in your indoor storage under the 'white hood'.) On this distributor you will see two red blocks.The sensor is located at the rear of the back red block (between the back red block and the wall) You can bring a piece of kitchen paper along to clean the sensor.When the sensor is cleaned, the floor cooling should work again.If this is not the case, you can indicate this to the Pontsteiger Assistant and we will direct the maintenance party to check the installation.

  • network_cellWhy are the elevators often in malfunction?

    Unfortunately, the elevators have regularly been in malfunction. We have repeatedly investigated the cause of the failures. This investigation shows that the main reason for the malfunctions concerns the use of the elevators. This means; the lifts are overloaded during relocations and the doors of the lifts are blocked during loading. This is also clearly noticeable, since the elevators in the lower building are much less often in disruption. This investigation also showed that the lift can not properly recalibrate itself because of the boarding on the inside of the elevator. However, we are forced to leave the boarding in the elevator in the coming period, given the many moves. Please do not block the elevators and do not to overload them, this prevents a lot of disruptions.

    We also have the experience that it takes too long before a technician is on site. Schindler has a response time of a maximum of 1 hour for detention and a maximum of 4 hours for regular malfunctions, however it has been found in practice that this sometimes takes longer. We are in discussion with Schindler and we look at the possibility of shortening the response time. We hope in this way to reduce the inconvenience when a lift is in malfunction.

  • network_cellWhen does glass cleaning of the entire building take place?

    This week the regular window cleaning starts at the lower building. Depending on the weather, window cleaners start on the 2nd of August. You do not have to stay at home for this.

    The towers still partly have to be washed. This has been delayed due to a defective window cleaning system and the weather (high temperatures and too much wind). The window cleaners were started last week, but unfortunately had to stop working because of the warm weather. The towers are expected to be further cultivated this week. 

    The regular window cleaning will take place 6 times per year.

  • network_cellI forgot my tag at home and closed the door behind me, now what?

    This concerns the same situation as with a regular lock. You are responsible for having a tag to enter your home. We therefore advise you to place reserve tag(s) with the Pontsteiger Assistant or with friends / family so that, if you have forgotten your tag, you still have the possibility to enter your home.

    In extreme need and in the absence of the Pontsteiger Assistant, you can call our service desk. They will manage a maintenance party that can come to you to open the lock. The costs ensuing from this, however, are for your account.

  • network_cellWhat about the cleaning of the general areas?

    The first period after completion has been cleaned on a call basis. Because of the many movings, cleaners walked around Pontsteiger every day to keep it tidy. After the first series of movings a cleaning program has been set up. However, the past period has shown that the cleaning program is insufficient to keep Pontsteiger clean. There are still a lot of relocations going on and because there is still a part of the building site there is a lot of dirt / sand inside. We will therefore increase the cleaning program.

  • network_cellWhen can I use the charging stations in the parking garage to charge my car?

    When Pontsteiger was deliverd it turned out that the parking garage at -1 was not accessible for a long period. After opening the parking garage at -1 we were able to get started with the activation of the charging stations. Then it turned out that an internet connection was needed for this. The internet connection has been requested, but has not yet been realized. When the internet connection is realized,  the VvE will extract passes to use the charging stations and charge your car. These passes are for the residents with a parking space including charging station. The costs of electricity use are then charged to you by the VvE. We expect to be able to inform the residents about this in the short term.

  • network_cellDoes my sunscreen automatically go down and up?

    Your sunshade does not automatically go down. You must do this manually. However, your sunscreen will automatically go up when there is too much wind. This is centrally regulated and ensures protection of the sunshades. 

  • network_cellWhat if I want to drive out of the Pontsteiger parking garage but the speedgate does not open?

    If the speedgate in the parking garage does not open, you can use the intercom next to the speedgate. This intercom call will be received by the Pontsteiger Assistant, which then helps you further. Outside the working hours of the Pontsteiger Assistant you can call our service desk which will then send a maintenance party.

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